hometitle-are-you-singleLearn how to enter or re-enter the world of dating and strongly connect with a loving romantic partner.


hometitle-are-you-a-coupleDiscover how to steer clear of troubled relationship areas and navigate toward a profound closeness with your partner.


hometitle-are-you-navigatingUnderstand the physical stages that challenge sex and relationships, including peri and postmenopause and andropause.


hometitle-do-you-want-better-sexIgnite the passion that fulfills


Top Gun Love: expert advice for better sex and relationships

The hunger for love, sex and connecting deeply to a partner are instinctive, universal drives. Unfortunately, the knowledge and skill of how to successfully create stable, joyful partnerships are not. These have to be learned. But how? You don’t learn them in school. Parents are often not the best role models and even if they are, you still make your own heartbreaking mistakes

Our Top Gun Love mission is to help you achieve the sizzling sex and lasting, loving relationships you yearn for. We are dedicated to giving you the information, tools and inspiration you need to overcome your problems, conflicts, and frustrations and to make your love life soar.

Why are we called Top Gun Love?

As a fighter pilot, Frank was motivated to be the best at what he did, a “top gun”. He never stopped learning new techniques and took every opportunity to practice. We use the “top gun” analogy because we don’t want you to just get by, or to be an okay lover or partner and have ordinary sex, if any, or a tolerable relationship. Man or woman, single or in relationship, we want to help you to be a skilled “top lover” and a “top mate.” We want you to have the juice and the joy in sex and relationships that being trained and knowing what you’re doing brings.

What you need to navigate a loving relationship is also very similar to what is required to fly a fighter plane. To be successful in either, you’d better intimately understand your mission, every inch of the equipment and how to fly through any weather condition–together.