Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do talk to a woman to get her in the mood.
  2. Do keep track of her menstrual cycle. It will help to know her mood and attitude.
  3. Do ask for what you want. Don’t wait for the other to intuit it. Tell them repeatedly until you get it.
  4. Do listen to her and let her talk. That doesn’t mean you have to fix everything she says. Just be a good listener and don’t interrupt her.
  5. Do know that men are mission oriented and single focused. Interrupting them when they are focused upsets them. Especially while watching sports.
  6. Do know that men take more risks. because their testosterone blocks cortisol.
  7. Men go to fight or flight while women go to tend and befriend.
  8. Don’t try to finish an argument when one of the parties is enraged
  9. Don’t expect a man to find body language and facial expressions. If something is wrong you have to tell him.
  10. Don’t try to resolve relationship issues late at night or while he is driving the car.
  11. Don’t wait to seek help if your  relationship is troubled. Many wait 5-7 years. Why suffer?