How the fighter pilot approach can rocket your relationship into the stratosphere.

What do you mean by a fighter pilot’s approach?

Fighter pilots and top gun pilots in particular are completely dedicated to being really good at what they do. To that end they are constantly studying and practicing to hone their skills. You might think that sex and relationship are not as complicated and dangerous as flying a jet fighter. Think again. How you create your sex and love life has a very direct bearing on every other aspect of your life. Study after study has shown that men, who have satisfying and fulfilling love lives, perform better in every area, are healthier and live longer than those who do not. At least when you die in a fighter it’s quick. Those who are living an unconnected, unfulfilled love life are more likely to have a slow and painful death.

How can lovers do this?

In the same was through study and practice. The key is to know what to study and how to practice.

The first thing to study is how your body and your partner’s body works. We talked about that in our book. The next thing is to learn advanced sexual technology. We will be covering that in a forthcoming book. Then know how courtship works whether dating or in a relationship. Learning how to deepen intimacy and resolve conflicts will also be subjects in later books.

  1. Learn courting techniques to use whether you are single or in a relationship
  2. Learn how to develop true intimacy
  3. conflict resolution that deepens the relationship

Then comes practice. Loving sexual relationships have two aspects to practice. the first is the actual physical making love and the second is the spiritual component.

The thing to remember about the physical practice is to make it really practice. It’s an activity where you try new things out and are playful with each other and make it okay to make mistakes or do things ‘wrong.’ Afterward you can talk things over and plan to do different things the next time.

The spiritual component is that when we are in the moment of orgasm we are really having a spiritual experience. It’s the “Oh God, I’m coming,” moment. To acknowledge that aspect will help people take their love life to higher dimensions.


  1. Physical training and practice
  2. Spiritual practice

Remember, you have to know how the airplane works or you could crash. If you don’t know how you work and how your partner works, you could crash.