Gender Differences – What Women Need to Know About Men

Of course we know men and women are different. Here are some hormone based differences that might not be so readily apparent. Understanding these differences it can make your love life a lot more rewarding.

  1. Men have ten to one hundred times more Testosterone (T) than women. T makes them feel strong and it makes them feel good. Men want to do things that make T because then they feel good. T is released into their bloodstream every 17-60 seconds; highest in morning. T is also responsible for his sex drive.
  2. When men get angry they get an increase it T, which makes them angrier. This gives them another increase in T which makes then still angrier. This gives them another dose of T and now they are in rage. You can’t reason with a man in rage. Let him calm down and then straighten things out.
  3. T blocks his emotional centers and his emotional memory. When he gets emotionally hurt, he forgets about after a short while. Women don’t have the T and they remember everything.
  4. Men are also less verbal. They tend to talk in bullet points and get right to the point. Women will talk just to hear how things sound, which sometimes stresses men out.
  5. Men are action oriented and become completely focused on a mission.
  6. Men want to dominate and they are most comfortable working in hierarchies. It lets them know where they stand. They will try to be the alpha male at whatever level they are on.
  7. Men equate social status with success. They strive to achieve because they are competitive and and want to be better than others. Same hold true for sports. Winning generates T and makes him feel good. When his team loses he feels bad and loses T.
  8. T blocks cortisol which would make him evaluate risks. T default to fight or flight. T decreases gradually as men age.
  9. T goes down in the courting phase allowing more oxytocin so that he can bond. T also blocks oxytocin after orgasm making him want to get up and do something or else go to sleep.

Remember, you have to know how the airplane works or you could crash. If you don’t know how you work and how your partner works, you could crash.