1. Having quality time together is always an issue for couples, and it’s especially challenging if one or both of you is travelling. So, the #1 thing you must do to stay emotionally connected is to set aside the time every day to keep in touch. Fortunately we have our phones, Skype and FaceTime to help us. On them:
  2.  Set up: a daily calling schedule; who will make the call; and set aside enough time to feel you are bonded. If it’s a very busy day, the time may be shorter, but don’t make it a habit to have short calls.
  3. Use the time to create a vision of what you’d like your relationship to be. If you have one already, review it.
  4. Plan times to be together–what you’d like to do. Plan fantasy vacations and get aways.
  5.  Plan sexy games for when you’re together.
  6. Why wait? Have phone sex, and use your Skype or FaceTime erotically. (We met a lawyer who specializes in privacy issues on a cable show we were on who says that everything you do on the Internet is recorded somewhere–so use to your discretion.)
  7. Text loving, sexy messages.
  8. Play Facebook or internet board games together.
  9.  Share yourself, your interests. Read each other poems or passages from books\magazines\blogs\articles. Play each other music you love.  Go see the same film. Watch the same TV show and talk about them.
  10. Email photos of where you are, what you are seeing.
  11. Buy trinkets and souvenirs from where you are.
  12. Collect images from magazines and your own photos while you’re away that you can paste up together on a relationship Vision Board.