Judith Claire

I founded Judith Claire Counseling and Coaching in Los Angeles in 1978 to provide personal, career and relationship counseling and coaching. Why all three? Personal, career and relationship wellbeing are intertwined. If one area is in trouble, it can impacts the other two. I usually find that my single and couples’ clients have personal blocks, fixed ideas and patterns that impede their sex and relationships. So can career and work issues. It’s advantageous to have the overall understanding and experience to address whatever is needed to enable my clients to soar.

Love, Sex and Relationship Counseling and Coaching

Yes, it’s true: I am a romantic. I believe you can connect deeply, body and soul to another and create a joyful, sustaining relationship with him or her. I’m also a pragmatist: I know that success in love doesn’t happen by accident. You’ve got to know how to create it.

Are you having problems? Are you having problems finding the right mate? Isyour relationship in trouble? If so, don’t despair. Life is showing you something’s not working. To succeed, you have to do things differently, and that’s completely within your power. You can turn the situation around by:

  • Understanding and appreciating the differences between the genders
  • Transforming unproductive patterns of thinking and behaving into ones that get positive results
  • Learning how to communicate better
  • Improving your ability to resolve conflicts
  • Understanding how to deepen your bond
  • Gaining the skills to build a wonderful team with your partner

Just like in any other area of your life, having the right attitude and expertise enable you to get results – in this case, creating a happy, healthy love, relationship and sex life.

Singles and Dating Advice & Coaching

How I Work

Once I assess what’s going on, I can see where you’re blocked, what you misunderstand, where you lack information or education and what tools you need. Then we make a customized plan to address those areas in the order that will bring the best results. It’s a process and an education that will give you the confidence, courage and know-how to make this most profound dream into reality.

If this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. You will have to do the work to make it happen. When true love happens, you will know you earned it.

Couples Relationship Advice & Coaching

How I Work

Many clients come to me without their mates because their partners won’t get counseling or have their own counselor. Sometimes they go to a different couple’s counselor. Ideally, I like to work with both partners individually and as a couple. That way I get the big picture: I can see what’s going on from both perspectives, know where each needs specific help and can coordinate the counseling to the solve the problems at hand.

Although talking through issues is important, it’s not the only tool I use. I’m goal-oriented and apply a whole array of methods. Whether it’s individual or couple’s counseling, there is usually personal work to clear away any baggage or patterns of behavior that are sabotaging your relationship, articles and books to read that give you vital information, new communications methods and relationship skills to learn, and coaching on how to deal with your specific issues. Expect homework.

At this point in your relationship it may be hard for you to see how things will change for the better. You don’t need to. After I meet with you as an individual or as a couple, I will make an action plan to address your particular problems. Then you can begin, step by step, to do what needs to be done to move forward.

Sex Advice & Coaching

How I Work

My goal in this part of my counseling is to enable you to have a vibrant, passionate sex life that nurtures you, your partner and your relationship – even with kids and a busy schedule. After a session assessing your issues, I can see where you’re blocked, what you misunderstand, where you lack information or education, where you need deep personal work and what you need to be coached on. Then I make a customized plan in the order that will best address your problems and enable you to create a deeper, more fulfilling sexual connection.

Since 1978, I’ve helped my clients make the changes and get the tools they need to realize their dreams. I work in person, by Skype, FaceTime or phone. Sorry, I don’t accept insurance. Call me at 310-395-1088 to set up an appointment.

Contact me: info@topgunlove.com or call 
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Judith Claire Counseling and Coaching
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