Better Sex

Sizzling Sex Is Possible For You

Ecstasy is Nature’s way of saying, “WOW!!!!!!” Nature instigates these peak experiences by keeping sex on your mind: testosterone is released into men’s bloodstreams every 18 to 60 seconds, stimulating the part of their brains that process sex; testosterone, estrogen and progesterone rise in the second week of a woman’s cycle, peaking midway, making her hot and ready to conceive. But your powerful drive for sex is much more than the drive to propagate. Even after men’s testosterone declines and women stop having a cycle, your need for pleasure and intimacy often continues (see Boomer and Senior Sex).

Whether you’re pleasuring yourself or sharing pleasure with your partner, sex is an integral part of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. For couples, good sex is essential to create the chemistry between them that keeps love alive.

Unless both partners have little interest in sex or low sex drives, it’s not enough to just be friends or parents. You need to be lovers. If the sex isn’t good or there is little or none, one or both of you will become emotionally distant. Or masturbate, find a lover, sink into apathy or leave. We’ve seen this many times.

What Are The Barriers To Sizzling Sex?

  • No or low sex drive
  • Don’t enjoy sex
  • Too Inhibited
  • Sexual fear or anxiety
  • Sexually abused as a child or adult
  • Shame
  • Can’t orgasm
  • Can’t communicate your needs
  • Not having sex because you are too embarrassed by how your body looks.
  • Doing too much porn
  • Frequenting massage parlors too much
  • A secret sex life
  • Not turned on by your partner
  • Too alienated by your partner to want sex
  • Too exhausted or stressed to want sex
  • Have kids and don’t know how to create the time
  • Partners have different sex drives
  • Have issues related to peri or postmenopause (link to Boomer and Senior Sex)
  • Have issues related to andropause (ditto)
  • Enjoy different sexual things
  • Want more adventure in your sex life
  • Don’t understand what the opposite sex needs
  • Don’t know how to make love in a way that pleases your partner
  • Don’t know how to create sexual intimacy
  • Want to create a spiritual connection in sex but don’t know how

What Can You Do To Have A Better Sex Life?

This is a big list with a lot of different issues that necessitate a lot of different solutions. What they have in common is that they require your willingness to do everything you can to fix them. If you find yourself on this list, it may mean you need personal counseling or coaching to eliminate your blocks and negative fixed ideas, couples counseling to work through the sexual conflicts and relationship problems, coaching to learn how to be a better lover, and books and courses to educate yourself more.

The good news is that sex can improve a lot with counseling or coaching, study and practice. The bad news is, many individuals have given up hope or, even when things are bad, don’t think they need to get more information or help. But there is abundant hope, and yes, if the sex isn’t working, they don’t have all the answers and they do need assistance.

We Can Help

Frank and I have a keen interest in sex, have studied it for our own personal pleasure and spiritual growth and as professionals have helped many others create sizzling, satisfying sex lives. Take a look at our blogs and videos. Valuable E-courses are on their way. I have helped clients since 1978. Frank is an expert in coaching men of all ages to have better sex and relationships. Call Judith or Frank at 310-395-1088.

So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men, Women And Their Hormones

Our manual So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men, Women And Their Hormones gives you the vital, fundamental information every lover needs to know about their own and their partner’s sexual desires, needs and drives. If we had a sex and relationship college, a course in how men and women are built would be required before you could take any others. Sex hormones create the genders and in many ways they run them. So THAT’S Why They Do That! busts some basic misconceptions that men and women may have about sex and gives you the understanding to appreciate the differences.

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