Are You Single Aiming for Love? Get Expert Dating Advice


It’s Possible To Find Love

We’re born with capability for great love and so it’s natural to want to find the partner with whom we can share it. That drive for fulfillment is powerful. When we achieve it, our lives are immeasurably enhanced. But, most of us don’t get it right the first time. With disappointments and broken hearts littering our past, we can come to believe that we won’t be able to have that lasting love. That’s not true. We can.

People who take the time and do the work succeed. Not by luck, or by any formula or trick, but by transforming him or herself into the person capable of creating a great relationship. That can mean healing old wounds, clearing away fixed ideas, clarifying your own needs and communicating them better, discerning who is relationship material and who isn’t, understanding gender differences and learning new ways and new tools to build strong connections with a partner.

Most Men and Women Have Some Dating Insecurities and Problems

Do you have any of these?

  • Don’t think you’re good enough for a good relationship
  • Can’t say what you need
  • Intimacy issues
  • Can’t commit
  • Boundary issues
  • Baggage or fixed ideas that sabotage relationships
  • Bad experiences in relationships
  • Bad marriages
  • No good relationship role models
  • Broken hearts
  • Pick the wrong mates
  • Pick toxic mates
  • Can’t let a bad relationship go
  • Can’t sustain a relationship
  • Don’t understand why you can’t find the right person
  • Don’t understand the opposite sex or what he or she needs
  • If gay or lesbian, don’t understand the masculine or feminine characteristics or needs of your partner
  • Sexual problems

What Can You Do To Be More Confident In Dating And Relationships?

Actually, a lot. The most fundamental truth you can embrace is that wonderful partners exist and that you can both have one and be one yourself. And despite the fact that you have no idea where that person is or how he or she will come into your life, you can be proactive in making it happen.

These are simple ideas, but a lot of our single clients have a hard time believing them. Since everything emanates from your thoughts and beliefs, your job becomes dealing with your baggage and negative fixed ideas, and getting enough information, training and hope to set your relationship goals and go after them.

We Can Help You To Date And Create A Loving Relationship

You might need counseling, coaching, books and courses to assist you along the way. We believe that we can help you to achieve that love you crave by being role models and giving you the information, tools and inspiration you need. We have some pertinent blogs and videos and will have e-courses soon. Take a look at Gender Tips.

We are also available to counsel and coach you. Frank specializes in working with men of all ages. Call Judith or Frank at: 310-395-1088 to set up an appointment.

Our new manual So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men Women And Their Hormones gives you vital data on gender differences you will use, not only to make your dating a happier, more successful experience, but for the rest of your sex and relationship life.

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