Why do you think sex toys are popular among couples, do you think erotic fictions is making things like sex toys less taboo?

  1. Toys are fun. It’s another way for couples to play with each other, laugh, explore their bodies in a new way, discover new sensations and have heightened orgasms – always a plus.
  2. Couples are realizing that having variety in their sex life helps keep the passion alive and the toys do spice things up and provide a change of pace. Today’s couples are so busy and overwhelmed with obligations that using a toy can often help to change the mood and feeling about having sex.
  3. Knowing that something new and exciting will happen is great motivation for getting together in the bedroom. Even the fact that it might be a little taboo can be stimulating in itself.
  4. Sex toys have been around for a long time and companies like Adam & Eve and the Pleasure Chest have been very profitable. There also a lot of couples who have never considered using sex toys for a variety of reasons. It’s not a male or female issue – either partner might: be inhibited; be too shy to bring it up; just might not have thought about it; or might think their sex is just fine and don’t need to change anything (to the dismay of their partner who doesn’t.)
  5. Steamy novels like “Fifty Shades of Grey” has provoked erotic fantasies in millions of            women, so yes, it has made sex toys more acceptable, even desirable among them. When Judith met with a reading group of 12 Moms, most were curious, but not yet motivated to go try new things.  Two were eager to play, but their husbands refused. Aside from missing out, these men should be aware of two toys especially for them.  Ball stretchers and cock rings for men can be fun and heighten their sensation.
  6. For women, vibrators are in a class by themselves and may not even be considered a toy.  Almost every woman seems to have one and they can actually make partner sex even more exciting. 50 to 80 percent of women don’t climax in intercourse, but if a woman sits on top during intercourse and aims her vibrator at her clitoris, she can. There are also dildo type vibrators that have clitoral stimulators, and vibrating butt plugs.
  7. For pre-play warm-up, women can arouse themselves by walking around with “benwa balls,” in their vaginas. Having an aroused partner is good for everyone.
  8. Back to “50 Shades of Grey” and the “bondage and discipline” toys it made famous. The ones we’re talking about have nothing to do with S&M or hurting anyone. We’re only interested in toys that are pleasurable and fun and lead to more fulfilling sexual satisfaction.  They involve comfortable restraints and mild, titillating spanking type playthings.  Many people have bondage and discipline fantasies and this is a safe way to play them out.
  9. Couples like the idea of bondage because it fulfills the fantasy of not being in control and allowing their partner to take charge and do things to them they ordinarily wouldn’t do. The toys are: blindfolds, cuffs, spreader bars, Velcro sheets with cuffs – anything that restrains you or your partner and enables them to be in control. Of course, both parties have to agree on what feels good. You always need trust to have good sex.
  10. Couples like the discipline toys because it can turn them on in a new way that could be taboo. There are: paddles for spanking; floggers that range from very soft deer skin to heavy braided leather. The soft floggers make a lot of noise but actually don’t hurt. Crops look good but can be rather nasty if not used properly. There are various clips and clamps that can be experimented with, some quite painful and others titillating and ornamental. Mainly the idea is PLAY, pleasure and trying new things brings couples together.