How we Build our Friendships to Relationships

Having a relationship that begins with friendship is a great foundation for the long term. However, it seems that most relationships start with some kind of physical attraction and once the sexual connection is established friendship may ensue.

The difficulty is that friendship may not evolve from a purely physical connection. For many the passion is overwhelming and commitments are made before the true nature of the relationship can be examined.

That’s why knowing what your requirements, needs and wants are is imperative in forming a long term relationship

Requirements are those things you must have or must not have in the relationship. If a requirement is not met, the relationship will not work out. These are deal breakers

A major requirement for a truly successful intimate relationship is openness and honesty. If one partner is keeping secrets from the other, things are going to deteriorate. To be intimate one must be an open book to the other.

This creates the trust and bond that will carry the relationship through the rough spots and into happiness and bliss.

This is where the friendship part plays in. Friends are open and honest with each other. They support each other through thick and thin. What a great basis for a love relationship.

To build a great friendship, you have to be proactive. Reach out to the one you care about. If you want to take a friendship to a more intimate level, make the commitment to that relationship and take the steps you need to accomplish it. Don’t hold back

By making this kind of commitment, you will find out quickly if it’s going to work or not. If you don’t make the commitment, you’ll wind up hanging out in ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not sure.”

Take action and be sure. That way if it doesn’t work out you can begin your search elsewhere.