Male Energy, Testosterone and the Batman Massacre

  1. Was it testosterone that caused the shooter to do what he did and was it testosterone that caused three men who were killed as they cover the bodies of the women they were with?
  2. The insanity of the shooter may parallel the insanity of the villains in the current spate of comic book movies. How delusional it must be to feel that one can become a super hero or a super villain? Does the testosterone that floods men’s bodies distort the thinking to the point of insanity?
  3. There are three parts that testosterone could play in this scenario.
    1. action adventure comic books and movies are highly testosterone fueled.
    2. The heroes and the villains are almost always men The violence is done by males which is testosterone gone bad.
    3. Heroes acting for the good of all is testosterone at its best.
  4. Characteristics of testosterone:
    1. aggressive
    2. Risk taking
    3. Dominating
    4. Competitive
    5. Hierarchal, competing to be the alpha male
    6. Single focused, mission oriented
    7. Drive for independent action
    8. High sex drive
    9. Maintains strength, mental and physical energy

In the action/adventure genre it’s a competition between good and evil. The hero and the villain are totally mission oriented, aggressively competing for dominance to see who will be the alpha male. They both act independently, outside normal infrastructures. Men normally fantasize about being the hero and overcoming evil.

The killers in these massacres are always men and usually young and in a time of life when their testosterone is high. This is testosterone going bad. They are not alpha males. They act independently and are singularly focused on their chosen mission in a misguided attempt to dominate.

On the other hand the powerful urge to protect their loved ones inspired three men to cover the bodies of the women or friend they were with to protect them from the gunfire. This is testosterone at its best and bravest. They took a huge risk, were single focused and acted on impulse without a thought. They were strong and had the physical and mental ability to act quickly. They were willing to give their lives for the ones they cared about. This is proactive aggression for the good of all concerned.