Secret fears men have about marriage

  1. One of the biggest fears that I see in prospective grooms is that they will only be able to have sex with one woman for the rest of their lives. It really haunts them. They’re not sure they want to or can do it.
  2. Men can be afraid they will lose their freedom to live life on their terms. They might not want to give up activities they do, or the control they have to decide how to spend their time.
  3. Men can think their woman is too demanding and that they will never be able to satisfy her many needs.
  4. Alpha males want to be in control. Maybe the woman wants a more collaborative relationship, and the guy doesn’t want to give up making the decisions and doing things his way.
  5. Women are emotional creatures. Men may not feel capable of understanding or dealing with their partners’ reactions and changing moods.
  6. Men might be afraid of additional financial pressures, especially if they are going to have kids.
  7. Some men may not want kids, but feel pressured to have them by their mates.
  8. They might have lost at love before and fear it now. Or they might be divorced and paying alimony and child support and dread the possibility of a repeat.