Should Government Officials Or Large Corporate Executives Involved In Sex Scandals Be Forced To Resign?

  1. Although we believe in committed monogamous relationship, we don’t judge others on their relationship choices. We think it is challenging enough to be intimate and fulfilled in one relationship in difficult in two of them. One of the relationships will suffer.
  2. If there is no agreement in place to have an open relationship, then having an affair is a major breach of trust and makes the ethics of the philandering person very questionable. If they are not trustworthy in one area, how might they be in other areas of their life?
  3. In the case of government officials who deal with questions of national security there is the vulnerability to bribery and coercion which could compromise national resources and endanger our national security.
  4. Even if the government official is not vulnerable, the paramour may be. The pillow talk may divulge important government information and also be a threat to our national well-being.
  5. One of the major things to consider in having an affair is the distraction that it creates. All of the logistics to manage a clandestine affair come into play. In addition there is the emotional distraction. Being in a new, passionate romance can consume a lot of energy and thought process and can be detrimental to work performance and impair judgment.
  6. When I was in the Air Force, I saw other officers having affairs and playing around while away from home on Temporary duty. We knew that it was conduct unbecoming an officer and we could be subject to military sanctions but many of us did it anyway.
  7. When people have affairs it is usually because they are not getting what they need at home in their primary relationship and they don’t know what to do about it. The skill sets for being a great soldier or politician are not the same as those needed to create a fulfilling relationship. Most men who are really good at commanding a battle group or running a war zoned are completely clueless when it comes to relationship skills.
  8. There is a lot of support for being a great soldier or a great leader but not a lot of encouragement to study how love relationships work and what to do to make them successful.