Sure Fire Sizzling Sex

Having truly ecstatic sex on a consistent basis requires knowledge and skill that in beyond what is naturally instinctive. Mastering all the elements of sure fire sizzling sex requires study and practice. You have to be willing to give up old beliefs and try new things. Here are some things:

  1. Keys to understanding sexuality — There are three things that lead to truly ecstatic orgasms: 1) breath, 2) PC muscle, 3) moving energy.
    1. Using deep inhalations will help build arousal and strengthen erections in both men and women. Have we mentioned that women have erections? When their labia and clitoris swell up on arousal, it’s just like a man getting an erection, just harder to see. Whenever you feel your arousal diminishing focus on taking full deep breaths
    2. Clenching the PC muscle will also help build arousal. This can be very pleasurable for both parties. Clenching the PC causes the penis to swell and throb and the vaginal walls to contract. Great sensations for both. You can couple this with the breathing so you are both in synch.
    3. Moving energy is simple for some and others seem to have a harder time with the concept. Basically you are visualizing energy moving in, out, and through your body. You can visualize the energy as a small ball of light moving wherever your mind sends it. Think of the energy you are generating in you sex organs. Now visualize that energy coming up into various parts of your body. For example you may thing of the energy coming from you genitals up into your heart. You can also visualize the energy flowing out of your sex organs into your partner and their energy flowing back into you.
  2. Communicating about sex – can be difficult for some and others want to talk about it all the time. It’s not a good idea to have serious sex talks while you are in the process of making love. The only talk you want during the love making process is words of love and endearment. If there are some issues you want to resolve around you sex life it’s best to broach the subject somewhere else; like the living room or better on a walk or over coffee or tea. A fun way to start is to ask each other for five fun things you like about sex and then follow up with five things you don’t like about sex.
  3. Men’s multiple orgasm is possible but it takes a little training and practice. Solo practice – masturbation – is important for men because for most of their life they had to hurry up and get off quickly. The idea here is too control ejaculation and move the sexual energy up from the genitals into the body. To learn this, men need to set aside enough time to relax and be comfortable throughout the practice session. An hour should be more than enough. Once arousal and erection are achieved continue to stimulate for at least 30 minutes without ejaculating. Bringing yourself to the point just short of ejaculation and stop stimulation. Breathe deeply and visualize the sexual energy moving up from the genitals into the heart or mind or wherever more energy is wanted. Continue stimulating until you reach at least six peaks before ejaculation. As the energy builds you may be able to convert that energy into a full body orgasm. It may take a varying amount of practice to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation; many men have done it.
  4. Women’s solo practice – masturbation – is an invaluable way to learn all the different way you can be stimulated and brought to orgasm. Because each woman has a slightly different array of pelvic nerve distribution, each woman is different and will have different response to various forms of stimulation. This too may vary depending on where a woman is in her monthly cycle. Aside from the clitoris, which is usually responsive in all women, there are several spots worth mentioning. There has been much talk about the ‘G’ spot which is actually a spongy area around the inside top of the vaginal canal. This area can have varying degrees of sensation all along the path from the urethral opening back to the pubic bone. It’s important to note that this area does not become receptive until the woman is fully aroused. One way to tell the level of arousal is to notice if her hips are moving and her nipples are erect. Vaginal lubrication is not necessarily a good indicator of arousal. Other areas of sensual receptivity are the perineal sponge, the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. For some women the anus itself is very sensitive and responds well to stimulation. The so-called ‘A’ spot is the area just above the cervix and it is responsive for some women and may contribute to more lubrication. Some women have nerve endings in their cervix and can have cervical orgasms. One of the easiest ways to learn about all this is through solo practice.
  5. There are four stages of partner sex that apply especially to couples who are in some type of long term relationship where sex is not the urgent demand of a new relationship. To attain Sure Fire Sizzling Sex you will have to be proficient in each stage. The stages are: Pre-Play, Fore-play, The Play, and After-Play. This is a whole different topic and will be addressed in another talking point. Just to note that the Pre=Play phase is not well understood or utilized and is one of the key factors leading to the most Sizzling Sex!
  6. Fun sexual practices are things you can do to keep the romance fresh and interesting. A common need in relationships is for affection, conversation, sexual fulfillment and shared recreational activities. Why not combine them? One thing many long term partners do is schedule time for sex. The spontaneity occurs in how the sex is performed. Scheduling I&I (Intercourse and Intimacy) weekend getaways are great. There are many things to do at home. Role playing games are fun, such as: pizza man and horny housewife, teacher and pupil, doctor/nurse/patient, sheik/harem girl, cowboy/schoolmarm, cop/hooker. Costume can be fun. Light B&D (bondage and discipline) with cuffs and ropes and light spanking are also fun.
  7. There are some advanced sexual practices that many practitioners use as a spiritual practice. Prolonged sexual interaction can become a very meditative-like state. The partners learn to cycle the energy back and forth between each other leading to very blissful, ecstatic states. There are practices that use this ecstatic state to visualize things they want in their lives. Sexual energy is very powerful and can be used to create much more than offspring. The keys to having ecstatic sizzling sex start with knowing yourself and how your body works. Then know your partner and how their body works. Know what you want sexually and be willing to ask for it. Know how relationships work. It takes a highly functioning relationship to do this. Take the time to learn about sexual technology. Have a support system; a coach or a counselor that can help you learn these things and keep you on the path.