Ways to rekindle the spark in your marriage that is going through a slump.

The number one element to consider when reigniting the spark in a marriage is communication. You must start by communicating about the situation. Talk to each other.

In this communication it’s important not to find fault or blame but to acknowledge the situation and look for solutions together.

Once verbal communication has been established, the next step is physical communication, touching.  Non-sexual touching, hugging and caressing, will start the oxytocin, the bonding hormone, flowing.

The bonding will help generate desire and lead to sex. Make the sex special by doing something that is different than your usual routine. Do it in a different place or use costumes or role playing. Perhaps a little bondage.

Finding ways to play together that creates fun and excitement. Remember the things you used to do that were fun and try them again.

After you have reignited the spark, set some time aside to review your relationship vision. If you don’t have a relationship vision, create one. What are your dreams and goals for the relationship? What are the things you can do that will move you in the direction of those goals?

Make an agreement that you will review your relationship vision on a periodic basis, at least twice a year. Readjust the vision to fit changing circumstances.

Make dates for a quick getaway. Just a day or two away changes the perspective and gives you a chance to focus on each other.