Wedding/honeymoon blues

Can be avoided by:

Knowing your requirements need and wants and being sure that they are all in place and have been thoroughly vetted with you partner. Requirements are the deal breakers. They are the thing that you must have or must not have in a relationship if it is going to work. The time to find all this out is well before the wedding gets to the planning stage and it seems too late to turn back.

Having a clear relationship vision is essential. Things like: children and child rearing, religious practices, family and relatives, financial management, sex, housekeeping, lifestyle, are some of the things that should be completely agreed on and down it writing in a relationship journal. The vision should be revisited and revised at every anniversary,

Authentic communication is crucial. One of the values of living together before marriage is learning how the other person behaves under stress. How willing are they to find a compromise in a situation that could lead to crisis. It’s time to get real.