What Men Over 50 Need to Know About Women Over 50

As we age there are some gender related characteristics that may be baffling to a partner. Here are some clues to what they are and how to deal with them.

  1. Menopause affects every woman differently. She may or may not have various symptoms, including hot sweats, mood swings, anxiety or depression, forgetfulness and sexual issues. If they are not using either hormone or testosterone replacement therapy, their greatly diminished estrogen and testosterone can cause: low or no sex drive, a dry vagina that makes sex painful and possibly decreased pleasure, sensitivity and an inability to orgasm
  2. If they are using hormone replacement therapies, they could have a healthy sex drive and response.
  3. Some women have a healthy sex drive and response even without any replacement therapies.
  4. Some women have a higher sex drive after menopause, feel more pleasure than ever and want a partner who will satisfy them. Whether you are interested in sex or not, you need to find out what your date wants and make sure you are compatible.
  5. They are often more independent, curious, eager to try new things and want a partner who is able to create an active life.
  6. They know themselves and their needs better and are more no-nonsense than when they are younger.
  7. They may have health issues.
  8. They’ve lived longer, have more experience, could be eager to connect and able to be a better mate than when they were young.