What single men need to know about dating single women.

Once you have an understanding of how the dating process can work for you, there are some important characteristics that women have that men may not understand and be put off by. Knowing ahead of time can turn what might have been a deal breaker into a better understanding of the real potential in a prospective partner.

  1. Opposites attract. High T men are drawn to high E women. That’s what creates the passion. Women need to be extra careful around these high T men when they are ovulating and their Testosterone is high. Her need for sex may drive her to couple which will produce an oxytocin bond that may be painful to break. Guys can be just as susceptible to her passion when they may not want to actually have the kinds of connection.
  2. Like attracts like in terms of education, socio-economic status etc. but hormones can overrule good judgment. She needs to have clear boundaries until she can determine whether or not he fits her criteria. Guys can be suckered into a relationship with the promise or delivery of sex. They’ll often stick with a woman who is giving them sex for that reason alone, even though it’s not the kind of relationship he wants. He’s programmed to want sex as soon as possible.
  3. If you have sex with her you have to let her know how much you appreciate it. If you don’t acknowledge her after sex she will feel used and humiliated. Her self-esteem will suffer and she could even be depressed for a significant period of time afterwards. She goes through huge hormonal changes that deeply affect her emotions. Be a gentleman.
  4. Talking and communication are very important to her. If she doesn’t get the communication she needs she will feel lonely and depressed. Don’t interrupt her when she is in the middle of communicating something. It hurts her feelings and alienates her. If she is discussing a problem, don’t try to solve it for her unless she asks you to. She may just need to talk about it and get some sympathy.
  5. If she is overwhelming you with conversation or argument and it stresses you out, ask if you can resume the conversation at another time. Don’t just blow her off. Often when women are talking like that it becomes stressful for the man because he thinks he has to do something about her situation and he’s not sure what it is he has to do. Which is really just listen.
  6. Foreplay is extremely important to her. Ask her what she wants. Ask for feedback all through the process. Don’t assume you know. Every woman is different and she will be different from day to day because of her hormone changes. Setting up pre-play with conversation before foreplay begins is always a good move.
  7. She can read your facial expressions and body language in ways that you can’t. However many women think that men can read them and when they get offended they expect the man to notice. When you don’t notice she sulks. You have to explain to her that you are not adept at reading faces and body language and will she please tell you what’s going on.
  8. Don’t oversell yourself. Do tell her about your background and what you do and the things that you are proud of, but don’t make it a lecture. Give her a chance to talk about herself as well. Let her know you are interested in her and what she has done. Stay away from talking about your ex.

Remember, you have to know how the airplane works or you could crash. If you don’t know how you work and how your partner works, you could crash.