Best time for intimacy?

How to figure out when the optimum time of the day to get intimate with her or her partner is?

  1. Testosterone is called the “hormone of desire” because it drives the libido in both men and women.  So, for both men and women it plays a part in when they most want sex.
  2. The best time of the day for men to have sex is in the morning, when their testosterone is highest. It’s often rise and shine and a morning hard-on. Sadly, that’s not true for most women. They are lunar lovers, and who are turned on in the evening.
  3. But time of day isn’t the only factor when it comes to men’s libidos. The highest levels of testosterone and sperm counts happen in late fall and early winter. To be even more specific, US, French and Australian studies found October to be the golden month when testosterone levels are highest. The results? Most births happen nine months later in August or September. Men have the lowest testosterone levels in April.
  4. If you want to know when the best time for a woman to want sex is, watch her menstrual cycle. A woman is biologically in the mood to make love in the second week of her menstrual cycle, when her estrogen and testosterone are rising. Mother Nature knew what she was doing, because she’s absolutely hottest the day she’s ovulating– and can get pregnant.  This is the go-for it week for couples. Single women need to pay attention, because they don’t want to be so intoxicated by their hormonal need that they jump into bed with Mr. Wrong.
  5. Nature wanted men to be able to inseminate as many females as possible to preserve humanity. To that end, males create about 150 million sperm a day, screaming to get out. Plus testosterone is released into their bloodstreams every 18 to 60 seconds, fueling them with desire. So although morning in October is ideal, any time might be the right time.  However, as men get older and their testosterone declines, conditions change.
  6. Oxytocin is that heart opening feeling you get when you see a puppy or the rush of love you feel when you orgasm. It’s what’s makes women feel close to their partners and want to get intimate.  Females have 10 times higher levels than men do, so it’s an important element in women wanting to have sex, day or night. What turns it on?  Talking, stroking, eye-gazing and cuddling will get her in that oxytocin mood. That will create the best time for intimacy for both fertile women and those who are post-menopause.
  7. The best time for intimacy is when both partners are relaxed and stress is minimized. Stress and fatigue are big libido suppressors. Sometimes just downloading the day over the dinner table can help to discharge some of that stress and lead to a more relaxed evening and open the door for deeper connection. That connection will also get the oxytocin flowing for her.