Why on-line dating site are broken and are no longer working or that helpful

We, Judith and Frank, are the case book reason why on-line dating sites don’t work. We were both on the same matchmaking site and looked at each other’s profile and rejected each other for different reasons. When we actually met a few months later the attraction was immediate and we’ve been together for the ten years since then.

On the other hand I know of people who have met and married from dating sites. So it obviously works for some people.

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. It’s common knowledge that most people lie about their age, many lie about their weight, social status and financial standing. Some post pictures that have been long out of date. Spending time emailing someone like that only to be disappointed at the time of physical meeting can be devastating.

Even after weeks of emailing there is no way to tell if the person on the other end is what they say they are.

Many women just don’t feel safe meeting someone that hasn’t been properly vetted.

It takes an actual live, face to face assessment to determine if the other person is a potential fit for whatever dating plan is envisioned.

Without that live assessment one cannot experience the energy or vibe of the other person. There is no other way of truly evaluating their physical appearance or gauging their chemistry.

There is a whole technology around dating that involves knowing who you are, who you want, what there desirable and undesirable characteristics might be. There is a science to scouting, screening, sorting and testing that can make the dating experience more rewarding.