45+, Boomer & Senior Sexuality

Frank and I were enthusiastic participants in the sexual revolution of the 60’s. Women got birth control and decided they were entitled to enjoy sex and have orgasms; men got more willing, experimental partners who would have sex before marriage and who didn’t wear bras. Now many of our generation and the ones that followed see no reason not to connect and enjoy sex as long as they are able to. It turns out that many are active as long as there’s breath on the mirror. Others may:

  • Lose desire
  • Have problems performing
  • Not enjoy the pleasure they as they once did
  • May be suffering from the symptoms of andropause
  • May be suffering from the symptoms of peri or postmenopause
  • May be suffering from the illnesses associated with these changes of life
  • Have other physical disabilities that come with aging
  • Be taking medicines that inhibit sex

So sex for lovers 45+, boomers and seniors is a mixed bag: each person and couple is different.

To get an idea of the how the hormonal changes can specifically affect your sex life, take a look at: 45+ Boomer & Senior Gender Tips. Also see: Better Sex.

Over 45, Boomer And Senior Couples

While those who are dating still have the option of choosing a new partner who is sexually compatible, those in a long-term relationship may have to face the painful truth that their lover’s physical reality has changed. Viagra and Cialis, and testosterone replacement therapy–for both males and females­–and estrogen and progesterone replacement for women or alternative medicine remedies might help. We sometimes find that partners haven’t exhausted their possibilities but they have given up. We believe that it’s vital to work through this crisis and figure out how you can still bond, be intimate and deepen your connection to each other.

Even when both partners are sexually interested and active, they may have to make adjustments. This is a time for honest, compassionate communication, flexibility and creativity. We can attest that many couples have the best sex of their lives. They have the experience and they’ve forged a lasting bond of friendship, tolerance and love. The change in their hormones has lessened the sense of urgency and they can take the time to enjoy the sensuality and the deep, intimate connection.

We Can Help 45+, Boomers And Seniors Have Better Sex

We’re experts on 45+, boomer and senior sex. Frank specializes in helping men of all ages. Call Judith or Frank at 310-395-1088 for the counseling or coaching you need to succeed.

Our book So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men Women And Their Hormones has chapters on andropause and peri and postmenopause that specifically addresses what you need to know about boomer and senior sex. It also covers the pluses and minuses or testosterone and hormone replacement therapy.